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Bring an extra level of excitement to your Lethal Company gaming sessions with our free application

Enter the action-packed world of Lethal Company with our free PC voice changer, designed to elevate your gaming experience to new heights. Join adrenaline-pumping battles and make your mark with our app. As you navigate abandoned moons, scavenging for valuable scrap amidst perilous traps and difficult challenges, show off your strategic skills, leaving your friends in awe with a new voice!

Enhance Your Lethal Company Experience With Real-Time Voice Alteration

Our voice changer is the perfect way to add some extra fun and excitement to your gaming sessions. With our easy-to-use app, you can change your voice in real time, giving you the ability to use hilarious and unique voices. Whether you want to sound like a deep-voiced villain, a high-pitched celebrity, or anything in between, our voice changer has you covered!

With’s high-quality user-generated voice filters, you can be sure that your voice will sound crystal clear, no matter which voice you choose.

So why wait? Download our free AI Lethal Company voice changer today and start having some fun!

Lethal Company voice changer

Getting to Know the Game

Lethal Company immerses players in the hazardous environments of abandoned moons, each populated with dangerous creatures like the Baboon Hawk, Bunker Spiders, and Eyeless Dog. Navigating areas with traps, players must outwit adversaries to collect valuable scrap.

Safeguard your crew by directing them from your ship, utilizing radar to spot traps and unlock doors from afar. Equip yourselves with tools from the Company’s store for added safety as you face dangers together.

With, players can now add a new level of excitement to their adventures by activating voice chat and altering their voices in real time.

Lethal Company Voice Changer: How to get started

Using this voice changer with Lethal Company is easy and can be done in just a few simple steps.

  1. Begin by downloading and installing our free voice changer software on your PC, suitable for various gaming experiences, including Lethal Company and others.

  2. Upon installation, open the app, create an account, and explore a diverse range of voices, including celebrities, politicians, cartoon characters, and more.

  3. Connect your microphone and fine-tune the settings within our app, your computer, and the game to ensure optimal voice transformation.

  4. Once everything is configured, launch your game of choice and immerse yourself in the action with your transformed voice, adding an exciting new layer to your gaming sessions.

What Makes Us Stand Out

We’re the top choice for a voice changer app for this game for several reasons. Firstly, our voice changer Lethal Company software is incredibly easy to use, making it straightforward for players to get started. Plus, it’s completely free, so anyone can access it without any cost.

What makes us stand out, though, is our wide range of user-generated voices available, covering different genres, pitches, and even famous personalities like celebrities and politicians. If the voice you want is not there, you can always create it with our voice cloning tool! And our community speaks for itself, with users praising the app’s quality and effectiveness.

Can I use this voice changer with other games?

Yes, absolutely! This isn’t just a voice changer for Lethal Company; it’s compatible with a wide range of PC and online games, as well as communication apps. Whether you’re engaging in intense battles in Lethal Company, streaming gameplay for your followers to watch, or creating content for videos, our voice changer adds an extra layer of excitement to your gaming and social experiences.

Is this app completely free?

Yes, our app is indeed free! You can download it safely and access Voice Universe, where you can select any voice you want from thousands of free user-generated voices to enhance your experience without worrying about your data. However, we do offer subscriptions for users who want to continue enjoying additional features over time. After you sign up, you can check your account details and subscription plans inside Voice Universe or by clicking “Get Unlimited” within our app.

Key Features of This App

Real-Time Voice Changer

Voice Universe

Voice Cloning

Soundboards (coming soon)

Compatible with every App

Easy Setup

High Performance

Use a new voice across a wide range of games and apps, including:

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