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Free Voice Changer for Among Us

Deceive your friends with our Voice Changer for Among Us

If you're into murder mysteries, then Among Us is the perfect game for you! Aboard a spaceship with other crew members, a few of which are imposters. Crew members on a spaceship work together to uncover the imposters on the ship. Imposters must get away with murder. Either side you're on, a voice changer can help enrich the game experience. is software that allows you to convert your voice into someone else’s. Just speak into your mic, and the app will convert your voice into the one you selected. Sound like a former president, an athlete, someone from an animated show, a singer, a sci-fi villain, or a superhero. The options are just endless with!

Make emergency meetings fun by imitating public figures. Or deceive your friends by changing your voice and catching other crew members off-guard. If you're ready to change up your gameplay, is the ideal voice changer for you while playing Among us.


Using with Among Us

As an imposter, you can trick your friends into thinking you're innocent with the help of Change your voice into one of the many famous past presidents and gain the trust of other fellow crew members. Switch to other voices seamlessly without glitching or sounding like a rusty robot in the process. Use the voice of adorable anime personalities or intergalactic creatures to make them think twice about who the killer is. Use your favorite voices to call out any sus behavior.

There are many ways you can use our real-time voice changer with Among Us. is compatible with the game, therefore don't expect any lagging while you speak. Distract the rest of the players with a comedic voice and watch your friends die of laughter.

Our software not only offers you a free-of-charge voice changer but also other cool features. Inside the Voice Universe, you will find an infinite number of user-generated voices that you can test out anytime and choose the one that will become your go-to one while playing. The possibilities are endless, so go ahead and unleash your creativity while you make your gameplay experience a memorable one.


How to Change Among Us Microphone

youtube video tutorial

Trolling the other crew members
inside Among Us

When a body is found or someone pushes the emergency button, a meeting is hosted to determine who the imposter within their group is. The goal is for crew members to discuss among themselves who the imposter is. This is the perfect chance to shock your crew members with our voice changer feature.

Sound like a president to make your case as to why you're not the imposter. Make sure to channel your inner politician during the voting phase to dodge and invade accusations imposed against you. Switch instantly to another voice to mock and accuse others. Whatever your intentions are, with us you sure would want to play again and again!

Voice AI is the Perfect Voice Changer for Among Us

If you've tried other voice changers in the past, you've probably been gravely disappointed. Most of them only change the speed or pitch of your voice. Some even add an echo effect, which sounds inauthentic. is unlike other applications. Our software uses deep learning technology to make your voice sound real. People won't distinguish the difference between you and the user-generated voice that you choose to use. Furthermore, the technology found in our software offers multilingual localization, meaning you can have your favorite “voice” speak in your native language.

Use and you'll never be caught as an imposter again! If you're a crew member, use it to convince other crew members who the real imposter is. So, are you ready to let and Among Us go hand in hand to have an unforgettable moment?

to Content Creators

Do you enjoy streaming? If so, then is the perfect tool for you.

Our voice changer will help you entertain your viewers in a brand new way. Blast the user experience, and get an advantage in your niche. Now is the right time to get your streams, videos, and Discord servers to a whole other level. And remember that the best part of it all is that using can be done for free. There is no actual reason as to why you shouldn't use it.

Don't let other content creators and streamers outplay you on this one. Claim the best free voice changer right now!

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