Is safe? is 100% safe and trusted by hundreds of thousands of active users. Feel free to join our active Discord to exchange experiences with other users or talk directly to the developers. Our team has been actively building technology in the AI and voice changing space for over 15 years and has an incredible track record of innovation and customer centric development. is completely safe for your device. Find out more about our team here. 

Is a virus?

Absolutely not. We regularly send our app to anti-virus companies in order to certify that it contains no malicious code or dangerous elements. This is why we are certified and tested by all leading anti-virus companies including McAfee, Google and Avast. 

You can find the VirusTotal overview HERE or the image below.

If you are having issues with and your anti-virus, please submit a ticket here and let us know of possible false-positives.

Is a miner?

Absolutely not. allows users to participate in distributed computing to help develop our artificial intelligence models – this has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies, bitcoin or mining. Voluntarily contributed processing is solely used to build voices, train AI models and handle voice processing for other users who have less powerful devices.

If you want to find out more about decentralized computing and’s training we have a full overview of what it is and why we do it here: Voice.AI Training