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Brand Use Guidelines

We are excited for you to use our technology. Please read these guidelines in order to appropriately use marks within your content. Adding watermarks into your content may make you eligible to earn additional credits and help you more easily refer new users with your referral links. technology is for non-commercial use and must be used in accordance with our Terms of Service. For Commercial use, please contact us HERE to obtain written permission.

Content Creators (non-commercial use):
Please credit in the description of the video (e.g. with referral link or simply URL) or include logo or Clip provided below.

Branding Assets

When adding please reference the appropriate logo, video or audio clip below per brand guidelines.

Select Format:

{{ select.text }} is a platform created by our community for our community, built around the concept of empowering each other through collaborative creativity. It is extremely important that our tools are used in safe and considerate ways in order to create more positive avenues of online expression. We don’t condone harmful or toxic behavior on our platform:

  • Voices, titles, descriptions or uploaded content aimed to insult, harass, or use offensive language directed at other users, genders, collectives, or communities.
  • Utilization of our platform to spread hate speech, such as homophobia, transphobia, racism, and ableism.
  • Promotion of self-harm: Don’t utilize our software to create content that encourages or promotes self-harm or bullying behavior. This includes activities or behavior related to suicide, self-mutilation, or eating disorders.
  • Doxxing: You can’t upload or share sounds that reveal any private or sensitive information about another person. This includes things such as addresses, phone numbers, passwords, or anything else that could be considered personal.
  • Inappropriate use: our software is created to allow users to build their own voice identity and/or to create parody content around public figures and characters. Use to imitate real people in order to willfully mislead others is strictly prohibited and illegal.

We use technology to check for infringement on the Internet and on social platforms and may automatically (or manually) issue takedown notices for content that infringes on our IP. Simply add our approved clip to your content to avoid takedown notices. We reserve all rights.

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