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AI Voice Cloning

Voice cloning is more than a novelty. Create high quality AI voices and bring immersive sound experiences to any game, chat or live stream.

You might have been searching 'How can I clone a voice?' if you're wondering how to clone your own voice, or perhaps someone else's. Maybe you're looking to produce podcasts more easily and so need AI voices cloning in order to scale your content quicker. Maybe you want to create a back up of your own voice. With Voice.ai, we offer a speech-to-speech engine where you can say your message and your chosen voice character will repeat the message back to you.


What is AI Voice Cloning?

Voice cloning is a technology that allows for creation of synthetic voices that imitate a target voice through speech synthesis. By cloning a voice you can realistically replicate a person's voice for use in voice assistants or real-time voice changer applications. Traditionally, cloning a voice requires hours of recorded speech to build a collection of datasets that can be used to build a new voice model. However, it is now possible create voice clones with just a few easy steps!

How Does It Work?

With Voice.ai, you can clone a voice by simply uploading reference audio to our AI system, or selecting one of the many already created AI voices. Voice.ai's Voice Universe users have captured high quality voices to build a library of over 15,000 user-generated voices that are available to anyone. Our software can analyze, modulate and correct anyone's voice before turning it into a real-time impression for a target voice in real-time. AI Voice cloning can enhance your live-stream, group chat or gaming experiences like never before.

How to Set Up Voice.ai Voice Cloning Tool

Voice.ai is a voice cloning software that is free to use for any PC application, including games and communication software. Getting started with Voice.ai is simple.

Download the Voice AI Installer

Start the installer, accept TOS and give the necessary admin permissions to install the driver.

Open VoiceAI.exe

Register a free account or login with your Voice Universe account.

Now you can start using Voice AI.


An Ever-Growing Library of Voices!

Try the Voice AI voice changer and get ready to be amazed by how realistic the voices sound. We use deep learning technology to create realistic AI voice clones that allow you to sound like an impression of anyone in the world; whether it's your favourite reality star, game character, celebrity or cartoon character. Our Voice Universe community of contributors are training incredible voices every day to create hyper-realistic replicas that sound exactly like the real person! Browse through our ever-expanding library and flick through different voices to sound scarier, funnier, younger, older, smarter or just plain obnoxious - all by simply changing the AI voice character.

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Can I clone my own voice?

Yes, you can create a voice clone of your own voice that allows you to preserve how you sound today. If you wish you can also make this voice available to other users, who can then sound like you in real-time with impeccable quality. Thanks to our advanced deep learning technology, voice cloning is now an accessible technology. All you need to do is upload real recordings of your own voice and let our artificial intelligence do the rest.

How can I use my cloned voice?

There are many fun and useful ways to use cloned AI voices. Whether you want to use them in real-time in VOIP applications such as Discord, Zoom or your favorite video games or to generate audio clip, Voice.ai allows for a myriad of possibilities. Thanks to the art of speech synthesis you could even clone your voice and then apply it to singing audio in order to hear yourself singing better than you actually can. Voice cloning also allows you to apply your voice to speech samples spoken in different languages, so that you can hear yourself speak any language of the world. Supercharge your creative process and let your imagination be the limit of how you can utilize art voice cloning to revolutionize speech. Voice cloning is amazing for creating voiceovers or developing new characters for audiobooks or stories. You can now create new speakers from scratch and scale the amount of your characters without the need for multiple voice actors.

How much time does it take to clone a Voice?

Our current models require around 3-4 hours to create a high quality voice model using your audio data. Depending on the amount of voices in the creation queue the process of building a voice can take up to 24 hours from start to finish. While waiting for your new voice to be created, you can try many of our existing voices however and take your speech to a new level.

Does Voice cloning create an exact replica of a voice?

While Voice cloning can create an exact replica of a voice, our technology is not designed to create voice deep fakes. Our speech to speech technology retains elements of the user who is speaking, such as emotions, pacing, and accent while converting the sound of the voice. This allows a user to add their own personal touch to the audio and retain emotions in the recording or speech.

Does Voice cloning work with emotions?

The advantage of speech-to-speech voice cloning is that it can realistically carry over emotions and retain the expressive nature of your speech. Whether you want to sound angry or emotional, the AI can convert your voice while retaining aspects of your voice. This makes it the perfect tool for performances or audiobooks as your audience will be wowed by the realism of the expression. This is also perfect for bringing life into music creation where just a few seconds of audio data can open new doors to the creative process. Recording your songs in a new language with the same voices is now easy.

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