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Voice Cloning

Voice cloning is more than a novelty. It can be used to bring life to everyday conversations or new creative projects.

If you’ve been searching for “voice cloning,” you might be interested in cloning your own voice or someone else’s. Many creators are looking to scale their creative projects by using voice cloning.

Perhaps, you’re looking to scale audio content and need voice cloning to produce more podcasts easily. With Voice.ai, we offer a speech-to-speech engine where you can say your message, and the chosen voice characters will repeat the message in their voice.

Many apps use voice cloning to speak to their subscribers in a particular voice. For example, meditation apps can use voice assistants to walk users through an audio experience designed to calm their minds. With Voice.ai, the possibilities are endless.


What is Voice Cloning and How Does It Work?

Voice cloning is a technology that imitates a person’s voice and replicates it to use for voice assistance. Traditionally, cloning a voice requires hours of recorded speech to build a collection of datasets that can be used to build a new voice model. However, now it’s possible in seconds!

Voice.ai’s Voice Universe users have captured high quality voices to build a library of over 150+ user-generated characters. As a result, the software can analyze, modulate and correct anyone’s voice and turn it into a pre-selected A-List celebrity impression in real-time.

Previously, voice assistants were quite limited. They sounded robotic and unnatural. Due to the technological advancements in text-to-speech and artificial intelligence, the pitch, tone, and accent of voices sound much more natural.

We’re moving into a voice-driven world. The consumption of voice-based automated services and audio content is on the rise. Many content creators are using platforms like Audible and Soundcloud. Voice cloning can enhance your projects to deliver new experiences to your audience.

How to Set Up Voice.ai

Voice.ai is a voice changer that is free to use for any PC application, including games and communication software. Getting started with Voice.ai is simple.

Download the Voice AI Installer

Start the installer, accept TOS and give the necessary admin permissions to install the driver.

Open VoiceAI.exe

Register a free account or login with your Voice Universe account.

Now you can start using Voice AI.


An Ever-Growing Library of Voice Characters

Do you want to test out our voice changer? You’ll be stunned by how life-like our voice characters sound. That’s because we use deep learning technology to accurately create voice clones that sound exactly like an impression of your favorite A-List Celebrities. Voice Universe contributors nailed down every minutia of the character’s voice to get a realistic replica.

Want to sound diplomatic and authoritative? Pick one of our many former US presidents to inspire others with your voice. Perhaps, you’re working on an animation project. We have animated sitcom characters to bring your project to life. Browse through our ever-growing library and toggle through different voices. Sound scarier, funnier, younger, older, more obnoxious, or smarter by simply changing the voice character.

Voices are an essential ingredient for storytelling. Getting the right voice is critical to convey the right message to your audience. That’s why we have over a hundred characters and counting to choose from.

Voice.ai even offers multilingual capabilities so that the voice characters can recognize speech from other languages. Just speak in your native tongue, and the voice characters repeat the message back to you in that particular language!


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