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Free Real-Time AI
Voice Changer

Access thousands of free voices, or create your own, with, the leading real-time AI voice changer. Join our incredible community of audio and voice enthusiasts and help shape the future of social audio communication as we build the most exciting voice technology out there. allows you to change your voice in real-time across many different apps including Zoom, Discord, Minecraft, GTA5, Fortnite, Valorant, League of Legends, Among Us, Skype, Whatsapp, Teamspeak and more. It also allows you to easily create short audio clips for soundboards or to send on messaging platforms. Get started now and sound like you want to!

Access Unlimited Voices
on our Voice Universe is not just the most powerful voice changer powered by AI, but also a tool that lets you create or clone voices. By uploading clear voice audio, you can create your own AI voices for free for anybody.

You can also access the thousands of user-generated voices that have been made by our community.

Ultra Realistic AI Voice Changer

The ultimate tool for content creators and gamers

Content creators can engage their fans in an endless variety of new ways. Whether you play games sounding like a video game character, invite the voices of celebrities into your stream or build your own voice as a Vtuber - is the most powerful hyper realistic voice changing solution on the market.

Compatible with popular games and tools

Whether you want to use it with Streamlabs OBS, Twitch, TikTok Live Studio, Audacity or Omegle - allows you to apply your own Voice Skins, Voice Filters and Voice Avatars for any application. Take your characters to the metaverse or the game of your choice and take control of your sound.

Use your recordings as soundboards is the ultimate tool for making soundboard recordings. With thousands of AI voices you can create custom audio clips of your favorite characters to use on soundboards. Want to create video game soundlines that aren’t in the game? Now you can! Use thousands of AI voices to create audio clips like a professional voice actor.

Real-time voice changing and recordings

You can use the voice changer not only in real-time but also in recording mode in order to change the voices of short clips that you can upload or record yourself. Spice up your voice Whatsapp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger voice notes, by changing them to the voice of well known characters or celebrities. Our leading technology makes clips sound better than any AI voice generator.


Who should use
Real Time AI Voice Changer?

Streamers & VTubers can add unlimited fun and variety to your streams and online interactions unlock content possibilities you never thought possible. Level up your content with access to the most realistic and fun voices. Our leading AI technology let's you select any AI voice you want and to jump into any character's voice. Use our AI voice changer to bring unique voices to your streams.


Want to speak like your favorite characters in in-game voice chat? Now you can! Take your gaming sessions to the next level and impress your friends. The best voice changer currently available to change into any male or female voice you want.

Meetings & Calls

Spice up your calls and meetings by bringing in a bit of personality... or personalities. How would your colleagues respond if a celebrity joined your Zoom, Skype or Google Meet call? Now you can bring different voices and voice filters to any call!

AI Voice Changer Features

Real-Time Voice Changer

Voice Universe

Voice Cloning


Works With Everything on your PC

Easy Setup

High Performance


Traditional voice changers struggle with realistic voice conversion, especially with different gender voices. If you have a male voice but want to sound like a female character, this is a problem for most voice changers. When using AI voices however, everything is possible. With thousands of different human voice samples in our library, you have endless possibilities to sound like you want to sound


A lot of AI Voices sound robotic and unnatural as they are created using unsophisticated AI voice generators. Based on text-to-speech voice generation, they often lack emotion, realism and expression. A free AI voice changer using speech-to-speech technology can maintain the tone and pacing of the original speaker and generate voice recordings that sound realistic and like real human voice. Our leading artificial intelligence speech technology gives endless power to build custom AI voices without expensive recording equipment.

Build the AI Voice that you want!

Thanks to cutting edge technology you can create any AI voice you want using voice cloning technology. You want to make voice overs but can can't bring on board professional voice actors? Build a the perfect voice for your videos using our voice AI technology.

Is it difficult to use an AI voice changer?

With our simple user interface, it is extremely easy to use our advanced technology. Many AI voice generators are complicated and make voice AI prohibitively difficult to access. We designed our app to be user friendly with the goal of giving everyone the unique voice they deserve. Compatible with various platforms, all you need is a microphone and you can change how your voice sounds!

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