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The Best Voice Changer For PUBG Is Finally Here!

Voice.ai functions at the system level between your microphone and the PUBG audio input. All in real-time. So you just pick your new voice, and we will do the rest! Are you a PUBG player? Then, it must be your lucky day!

Keep reading to learn how to spice up your gaming with friends.


What Will Voice.ai Bring To You

Let's say you want to hang out with your friends, but the mood in the voice room is dull. Bring the energy back up with Voice.ai instantly!

  • Make your friends laugh with your hilarious voice impressions until tears of joy start to appear.

  • Impress your crush inside the group chat with your newly acquired voice.

  • Your voice is already unique and perfect but with our help, you can sound exactly like you want to.

Everybody wants to sound like their favorite in-game character while playing. Now with Voice.ai, you can. And in fact, it has never been easier!

So now, let's look at how straightforward it is.

How to Change PUBG Default Microphone

Can Voice.ai Impact My FPS?

Our team worked like crazy to optimize Voice.ai to perfection. As a result, you will experience no FPS drops or laggy sound spikes. In addition, our voice changer is easy to use. For these specific reasons, Voice.ai is the best free voice changer for you.

Don't let the wannabe apps ruin your experience by lagging your PC or causing sound inconsistencies. Instead, you can rely on us because we know how to get things done properly.

Changing Your Voice Using Voice.ai Is Completely Free

Our "Voice cloning" feature offers you unlimited possibilities. Did you know that you can clone any voice as long as you have good audio quality?

All of the voices used in the Voice.ai are uploaded by you, our loving members. You can create your own pieces in the cloning tool and publish them on the Voice Universe page. With hundreds of active members, Voice.ai is the voice changer with the most options on the planet.

Create PUBG Content With Voice.ai

Do you like creating PUBG-related videos? If yes, then our software is the best tool for you!

Voice.ai entertains and captivates your viewers from the first second. Added value will amp the user experience, and you will get a bonus advantage over other content creators. Time to take your streams, videos, and Discord rooms to a whole new level.

Don’t forget that Voice.ai is completely free. That's why you should give it a shot.

Don't let other content creators outplay you on this one. Get the best free voice changer now!

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