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Free Voice Changer for Skype

Make Skype Fun Again with Voice.ai. Turn Everyday Conversations Into Hilarious Voice Impersonations.

Tired of the same boring calls? Whether you’re catching up with old pals or communicating during video gameplay, using a Skype voice changer is an excellent way to inject some fun into the conversation. Voice.ai is a software that converts your normal voice into a life-like celebrity or character voice. Simply speak into your mic and let Voice.ai speak the transformed voice back to you.

Experiment with our wide range of user-generated voice characters. This includes famous American figureheads, former presidents, talk show hosts, reality TV stars, animated sitcom characters, wizards, superheroes, celestial creatures, YouTubers, movie actors, villains, and horrifying creatures. There’s something for everyone.


How to Change Skype Default Microphone

Lots of Voice Filter Options

Have you been searching for a voice changer for Skype? Our Voice.ai library features 119 voice characters letting you transform your voice and reinvigorate your chatting experience. Not to mention, we’re always adding new fan-favorite characters into our selection.

Swap between voices and find new ways to inject fun into your daily messaging. Like to gossip and share stories? Do your best reality-TV star impression with our A-list celebrities. Are you a movie geek? Watch your favorite movie and recreate the best moments with one of our many movie actors or fictional characters. Or how about singing along to beloved tunes with our selection of entertainers. You’ll be shocked by how realistic and life-like your voice sounds to the actual A-list celebrity.

Sound Like Your Favorite Celebrity

Relive your funny voice impersonations and share them with your friends so that they can laugh with you. Voice.ai lets you record a video and save it as a file, so you can share it with friends.

Ever wondered what A-list celebrities and fictional characters would sound like speaking another language? Voice.ai has a cool multilingual feature that can interpret voice in any language. Simply speak into the mic in your native tongue. Then the character will repeat what you said in that particular language.

There’s no other real-time voice changer for Skype like ours. Most voice changers simply increase the speed or pitch of your voice. Voice.ai completely transforms your voice and turns it into the voice of a famous person or character. Download Voice.ai today and give it a shot!


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