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The Best Voice Changer for WhatsApp

Make voice messaging fun with Voice.ai. Instantly turn your voice into an A-List Celebrity!

Next time you’re chatting with your friend, try our filters and change your voice into a fun life-like character! Voice.ai is a software that transforms your voice in real-time.

Experiment with our voice characters such as former presidents, animated sitcom characters, fantasy movie heroes, rappers, pop singers, movie stars, and horrifying villains. Download the app, speak into a mic and listen to your voice change!


How to Change WhatsApp Default Microphone

Hilarious Voice Filters

Ever thought about using a voice changer for WhatsApp? Voice.ai offers 119 voice characters, so you can sound like anyone you want to be. Not to mention, we’re constantly adding new characters!

Toggle through our list and find creative ways to turn your daily conversations into fun “laugh-out-loud” moments. Perhaps send your kids a special voice re-enactment from their favorite movie character. Is your friend feeling down? Cheer them up with an inspiring pep talk led by a famous American figurehead. Become a musical superstar and show off your new singing talents with our long list of entertainers, rappers, pop stars, and hip-hop artists.

There are endless ways to use our WhatsApp voice changer. Voice.ai lets you record a video of yourself as you perform the impersonation. Then save it as a video file and send it to your friends or share it on social media.

Create Unforgettable
Memories with Voice.ai

There’s nothing like Voice.ai in the market. No cheap voice trick or gimmick autotune.Instead, our real-time voice changer for WhatsApp uses deep learning technology to transfigure your voice from the normal version of you to a whole new character voice. The change is so mind-blowing and life-like that your friends will be left shocked, befuddled and dying in laughter. Voice.ai isn’t just another voice-over effect or filter you add. It’s a complete voice makeover and impersonation software that makes interacting with others much more fun and entertaining.

Voice messaging and calling has never been so enjoyable! Voice.ai also has other fun nifty features like a text-to-speech engine and multi-lingual localization. Simply type in your message and let the voice character bring the message to life.

WhatsApp is the hub for connecting with others internationally. It lets you chat with people in other countries without paying ridiculous fees. With Voice.ai, you can speak in your native tongue, and one of our voice characters will repeat your message in that particular language. Pretty cool, right?

Bring the power of voice impersonation into your everyday life. Download the Voice.ai mobile app or browser extension and create fun conversations on WhatsApp!


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