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Why Choose Voice.ai As Your Only Game Changer?

Voice.ai operates at the system level between your microphone and the LOL audio input. In this way, it processes your voice in real-time and assists you in changing it. That's why Voice.ai is the best external voice changer for you.The best part of it all is the fact that it's completely free.

If you aren't too confident with your voice, you like to troll other LOL players, or you just like to have a sort of anonymity, don’t worry, we've got you covered. Ready to learn more about Voice.ai?


How to Change League Of Legends Default Microphone

youtube video tutorial

All of the voices available inside Voice.ai are uploaded by you, our amazing community. You can create your masterpieces with our cloning tool and make them public on the Voice Universe tab. With thousands of users, Voice.ai is the voice changer with the most voices on the planet. You will not only find voices related to games but also of those who are public figures, from politicians to world-renowned athletes. The options are endless and it's up to you how to experiment with them.

And if you are afraid of ban from using third-party software, you don't have to. Our voice changer will not trigger the game anti-cheat.

Why Content Creators Worship Working With Free Voice Changers

Are you a content creator? Great!

The answer is because Voice.ai adds even more value to your streams, videos, and Discord rooms. Added value will amplify the user experience, and you will get an edge over your competitors. And it's free, that's why you have to take advantage of it. So don't let your rivals outsmart you on this one.

Get Voice.ai for your audience now, with just a few clicks and no hidden fees!

What Members Say After Using Voice.ai

"I just wanted to prank my friends that a singer stopped by my house. And oh boy, you should see their reactions. They were blown away! Everybody should try this."

Marc, 22

Teamfight tactics enthusiast

"When you want to get rid of simps or have some privacy, using a voice changer is my way of doing it. Everybody ignores a girl with a scary voice on Discord. That's what I wanted, and Voice.ai exceeded my expectations. I absolutely love it!"

Kate, 17

Plat Aatrox main

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