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The Best Free Streamer Friendly Voice Changer for OBS

Voice.ai is the most popular voice changer for PC gamers and streamers.

Our sound library is ideal for every game, including PUBG, LOL, WoW, or CS:GO.

Streaming and entertaining your chat is a real challenge. But what if you want to run a voice changer and still keep your fps intact?

With Voice.ai, you can maintain high frames while adding more value to your day-to-day content, always keeping your audience interested in what you are saying.


What Can You do With a Voice Changer?

For example, you can sound like a celebrity or roleplay the game's main character you are streaming right now. Furthermore, changing and modifying your voice is not limited only to OBS: Voice.ai will change and modify your voice in any program or game that uses a microphone. The possibilities are endless.

Apply effects in real-time, and do voiceovers and other audio manipulations. With Voice.ai, You can also add background noise, for example, busy office, train, forest, etc.
Or you can enjoy modifying various parts of your voice, such as accent, pitch, and timbre, with ease.

Create (and share) your own AI-powered voices that are completely customizable with our voice cloning feature. Want to know more about voice cloning?

How Do I Create A New Voice In Voice.ai?

  • #1 Prepare an audio sample of the person you want to clone (the higher the quality, the better)
  • #2 Load your audio into our app
  • #3 Give us a second to process the sample
  • #4 Select & Speak!

Changing your voice has never been easier.

Using our algorithm, you will make your voice sound precisely like the target voice. Then, we'll apply some effects to make it sound even more authentic.
You just speak into your mic, and we will do the rest for you.

Clone ANY Voice With the Top Audio Quality

You, our loving members, provide all of the voices used in Voice.ai. With the cloning tool, create your own pieces and make them public on the Voice Universe Tab. Voice.ai has the most filters in the world, with thousands of satisfied users.

You can upload an audio recording of your friend and then sound exactly like him. And because it's free, you have to try it!

Sounds good? The best is yet to come! Now let's look at how easy it is to set up Voice.ai for any OBS version.

How to Change OBS Default Microphone

You can set up the Voice.ai voice changer by following this quick tutorial in less than a minute:


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