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The Best Voice Changer for Viber

Say goodbye to boring conversations.

With over a billion users, Viber is among the most popular messaging apps in the market! Tired of boring conversations that start with “hey, how are you?” or “hey, what are you doing?”

Don’t let conversations flame out. Voice.ai lets you spice up conversations with friends, families, and significant others by changing your voice into a fun life-like character. Just speak into the mic, and Voice.ai will transform your voice in real-time!

Experiment with a wide selection of voice characters. We’ve got former presidents, cartoon characters, superheroes, villains, social media influencers, musicians, entertainers, and more. Voice.ai is the only tool you need to make a parody of your favorite A-list celebrities


How to Change Viber Default Microphone

Tons of Voice Filter Options

If you’re an active Viber user, you know how amazing the platform is. Send messages, voice and video calls, group chats and calls, create stickers and gifs, and even join communities of people with the same passion. The only thing missing is a Viber voice changer!

Choose between 119 pre-built voice characters to reinvigorate the social experience. Want to chat about current events? Debate your friends about social and political issues using the former president’s voices. Want to share a playlist?

Sing along to your favorite tunes with our list of musicians, rappers, and entertainers. With so many characters available, the possibilities are endless.

Voice Clone Your Friends and Family

Voice.ai isn’t only a voice changer for Viber. Ever want to make a parody of your friends? We offer a voice cloning feature allowing you to clone anybody’s voice! Perhaps you have friends with a scratchy voice, a high-pitched voice, or a monotone voice. No matter the type of voice, our advanced technology can clone just about anyone’s voice.
Just upload clear audio, and it’ll turn your voice into your friends. Your friends and family won’t believe what they just heard. Imagine a group call with your friends imitating each other’s voices!

If you love using the “Vibe Out” feature, Voice.ai is for you as well. Our real-time voice changer for Viber works with any language. Speak your native tongue and Voice.ai will transform your voice based on your particular language.

Most voice changers on the market simply change your pitch or speed your voice. Voice.ai completely modifies your voice to sound like a completely different person. Get early access to Voice.ai and create memorable moments on Viber!


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