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The Best Free Voice Changer with Easy Setup for TeamSpeak

Fill up TeamSpeak Rooms With Funny Voice Impressions Using Voice.ai

Hey, gamers! Have you ever wanted to troll your friends using a free voice changer? Or to invite a celebrity into your TeamSpeak room?

With Voice.ai, you can be Donald Trump in one minute and then Barack Obama in the next. Thanks to the Voice Universe Tab, changing between voices has never been easier. Browse through our library of voices, pick your favorite character or create a brand new person.

Try our filters the next time you're speaking with your buddy and transform your voice into a life-like character! Voice.ai is software that converts your speech in real-time.


Want To Modulate Your Voice
Without Killing Your Fps?

For this specific reason, our free voice changer is optimized to perfection, keeping your framerate intact. So don't let the wannabe apps ruin your gaming experience by causing the lags or dropping your framerate.

Instead, you should download Voice.ai right now. We know how to get things done correctly, and that's why Voice.AI is the best free voice changer for you.

Sounds good? The best is yet to come! Now let's look at how easy it is to set up Voice.AI for TeamSpeak.

How to Change Teamspeak Default Microphone

Free Voice Changer With the
Most Extensive Collection

Even if you have tried thousands of voices with Voice.ai, you will always have plenty of options to choose from.

Use our Voice Cloning Tool to simulate every voice on the planet. As long as you have clear audio quality, Voice.ai will mimic everyone!

It all depends on what you are playing and how you want to be heard. Our voices can elevate a D&D game from boring to legendary, with plenty of room for roleplaying!

Enjoy Voice Changer with the Finest Audio Quality

No more cranky sounding voice. No more crackling sounds that will reveal you're using a voice changer.

At the system level, between your microphone and the TeamSpeak's audio input, that's where the magic happens. Our app processes your voice in real-time and modifies it.

Voice.ai also allows you to experiment with speech filters in TeamSpeak that sound realistic. For example, use the Chipmunk or ghost voices to make people giggle. If you have an extra fancy mic, you should definitely download the Voice.ai voice changer right now!


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