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Best Voice Changer for Discord

Make Discord Chats More Fun With Voice Changer.

Try Our Voice Filters for Your Next RPG Game or Mess Around With Your Friends in voice chat. is the best voice changer compatible with Discord and Third-Party Discord plug-ins.

Put a spin on normal gameplay by incorporating our voice changer for Discord. Want to sound like your favorite video game characters as you play? Or maybe you want to use a female voice or deep male voice to surprise your friends? We can do that too. Browse through our library of voices and sound like anyone from any game you want to play. This is possible thanks to our user-generated voices, created by our amazing community. If you're tired of using the same in-game voices and sound effects, then it's time to try the best Discord voice changer and to give yourself a fresh voice.

Looking for fun ways to make Discord more exciting? is software that converts your voice into any voice you want. Give yourself a whole new vocal identity with the most powerful real-time voice changer. Sound like a world-renowned politician one minute, then re-enact your favorite movie scene the next. The voice you want can be acquired with our voice changer software.


How to Change Discord Default Microphone

youtube video tutorial

Step 1: Download Discord and sign in. Click the Gear icon in the lower left corner next to your Avatar.

Step 2: Click Voice & Video in the menu at the left under App Settings.

Step 3: Simply click on the (VB-Audio Virtual Cable).
That's all you need to do. Discord will immediately switch to the selected hardware.

Wide Selection of user-generated voices

Spice up your group chats with our free voice changer for Discord.. With plenty of voices to choose from, you'll never get bored of our voice changer. Make people laugh with your best imitation of someone else. Turn into a musical artist using our wide range of voices from rappers to pop stars. Win arguments with friends using your favorite politician's voice. Or troll your friends with an anime character, alien, superhero, or different gender voice.

The possibilities are endless. This free voice changer utilizes advanced AI technology to allow you t0 create and use any voice you want to. Join the fastest growing community and try the best voice changer to change your voice sound and utilize the most powerful voice changing effects!

Enhance Experiences with Free Voice Changer for Discord

Discord is an amazing tool for talking to your friends using voice channels. If you're looking for ways to change your voice on Discord, we've got you covered with our Discord voice changer. Use the power of to transform your voice into someone else’s. Our voice changer for Discord uses the leading speech-to-speech voice technology, allowing you to change your voice in real-time. Just speak into your microphone and be amazed as your friends hear you in a completely different voice. supports multilingual localization that can capture any language and convert it into a particular voice of your choice. Perhaps you're bilingual or trilingual? Speak your native language and our voice changer will output the result in real-time.

If you've used other voice changers in the past, you know that there are tons of cheap voice effects out there. Most voice changers simply alter the speed or pitch of your voice. However, there's nothing out there in the market that can completely transform your voice into the one of an actual person. Just say what you want and have it transformed into the voice of anyone you want to.

All you need is an internet connection to use our voice changer app. Download today and make your group hangouts on Discord more entertaining!

The Best Free Voice Changer for Discord

Our voice changer is more than just a software, we are a community for AI and voice generation and we believe in making voice changer software accessible to anyone who is looking to build their audio identity online. While other free voice changers only provide limited features, we allow users to contribute their computing power to train our community AI models in order to use the software for free. This allows us to not just provide the best voice changer, but to also make it accessible for users through our free version.

More than just Voice Changer Software

In addition to being a powerful real-time voice changer, Voice AI allows you to convert pre recorded sound and to change it into any voice you want. This is great for sending fun sound clips on Discord and to create custom audio files for your soundboards. You can use any recorded voices that you download online or record and convert your own voice to create the perfect audio file with incredible sound quality. Create new custom voice lines of your favorite video game characters or recreate the audio files of your favorite movie scenes. Our Discord voice changer goes beyond just voice filters and allows advanced users to improve their video editing and content creation.

The most advanced AI Voice Technology

While most popular voice changers use voice modulation to allow you to pitch yourself deeper and try different voice styles, our AI technology allows you to completely transform your voice. It is not just a voice changing tool, it is a fully fledged voice creation tool that allows you to completely adjust your voice preferences to sound however you want. Instead of a morphed voice that lets you sound deeper, you can take your natural voice and turn into the ideal deep voice of the person you want to sound like. Thanks to our real-time processing this works in any VOIP program and allows you to take your video calls and Discord conversations to the next level. All you need is a microphone and our voice changer will let you transform your recorded voice into another voice, without the need for voice changing effects.

Join the Voice AI Community on Discord

The community Discord is an amazing place to discuss voice changers and voice changer technology with other talented users. Discover the best voices, share your own voice creations and find all the tips and tricks to optimize our voice changer for Discord usage. With tens of thousands of active Discord members is the best place to find help, discover new ideas and to get inspired on how to use voice changers in creative ways. Join our Discord server here.

What is Discord?

Discord is one of the most popular voice and instant messaging social platforms in 2023. It allows users to join dedicated servers around their interests and communicate with other users via voice calls, video calls, text messaging or media and file transfers. While it was originally popular mainly among gamers, it is now widely used among internet users from all walks of life. Nonetheless a core use case for Discord is as a voice chat platform for gaming groups which has led to a rising popularity in Discord voice changers which allow for the use of sound effects and voice effects. The best voice changers all support Discord, as it is the most common destination for voice changer usage.

Is it legal to use a voice changer on Discord?

Are voice changers illegal? It is completely legal to use a voice changer for Discord, as long as you are not using it for otherwise illegal purposes, such as deception or fraud. While there is no dedicated Discord voice changer software integrated in the app, most voice changers support Discord as a platform. In general, setting up a voice changer for Discord is extremely simple and only requires you to change the input device in your Discord settings. You will also need to ensure you have turned on the voice changer app and that you have activated voice effects. In order to ensure you are using one of the best voice changer apps ensure that it works in real-time and supports AI voices.

What platforms is Discord available on?

Discord is available across most popular devices and can be run on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPadOS, Linux and in most web browsers. You will be able to chat with other users regardless of which device they are using Discord on. Important to note is that you will only be able to use a voice changer on Discord when the operating system also supports the voice changer. The best Discord voice changers only work on desktop environments such as Windows, macOS or Linux. Integrations

Our cutting edge voice technology integrates with hundreds of different third party apps on both PC and Mac. If you're looking for a voice changer for Zoom, Whatsapp or Google Meet then we've got you covered. Our AI Voice Changer App also works on popular gaming platforms, like Fortnite, Valorant and PUBG.

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