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Best Voice Changer for Discord

Make Discord Chats More Fun With Voice.ai.

Try Our Voice Filters for Your Next RPG Game or Mess Around With Your Friends in the Chat Room. Voice.ai is compatible with Discord and Third-Party Discord plug-ins.

Looking for fun ways to make Discord time more exciting? Voice.ai is software that converts your voice into someone else’s. Sound like a world-renowned politician one minute. Then re-enact your favorite movie scene the next. The voice you want can be acquired with our software.

Put a spin on normal gameplay by incorporating our voice changer. Want to troll your enemies as you slaughter them? Or maybe you want to sound like a grim reaper from hell? We can do that too. Browse through our library of voices and sound like anyone from the actual game. This is possible thanks to our user-generated voices found in the Voice Universe. If you're tired of stale in-game voices and sound effects, then it's time to give yourself a fresh voice.


How to Change Discord Default Microphone

Wide Selection of user-generated voices

Spice up your group chats with our free voice changer for Discord. With plenty of voices to choose from, you'll never get bored of our voice changer. Make people laugh with your best impersonation of someone else. Turn into a musical artist using our wide range of voices from rappers to pop stars. Win arguments with friends using your favorite politician's voice. Or troll your friends with an anime-like, alien, superhero, or intergalactic species voice.

The possibilities are endless. Make sure to record yourself doing the impersonation and send it to different servers so that you can get your friend's reactions!

Enhance Experiences with Free Voice Changer for Discord

Discord lets you talk to your friends using voice channels. If you're looking for ways to change your voice on Discord, we've got you covered. Use the power of Voice.ai to transform your voice into someone else’s. Our voice changer for Discord has a text-to-speech engine turning your words into powerful conversations. Just type in your words, and one of our voices will speak it.

Voice.ai offers a unique multilingual localization that can capture any language and convert it into a particular voice of your choice. Perhaps you're bilingual or trilingual? Speak your native tongue, and our "voices" will speak it for you.

If you've used other voice changers in the past, you know that there are tons of cheap voice effects out there. Most voice changers simply alter the speed or pitch of your voice. However, there's nothing out there in the market that can completely transform your voice into the one of an actual person. Just say what you want and have it spoken back to you by world-renowned people.

All you need is an internet connection to use our software. Download Voice.ai today and make your group hangouts on Discord more entertaining!


Voice.ai Integrations

Our cutting edge voice technology integrates with more than 20 different third party apps on both PC and Mac. If you're looking for a voice changer for Zoom, Whatsapp or Google Meet then we've got you covered. Our AI Voice Changer App also works on popular gaming platforms, like Fortnite, Valorant and PUBG.

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