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PC Voice Changer

Turn your everyday online conversations into fun, exciting memories by changing your voice!

Whether you’re a gamer, content creator, streamer, or just an everyday person, a PC voice changer can make communicating online more enjoyable. Voice.ai is the hands-down best voice changer for PC applications. Our software transforms your voice into an A-List celebrity. Just speak to your desktop mic and hear your new voice in real-time. Use it to enhance your gameplay, troll your buddies, show off your goofy side in virtual meetings, and just spice up everyday conversations.

Voice.ai is compatible with many of your favorite games and programs. This includes CS:GO, Among Us, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Discord, WhatsApp, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, and more!


How to Set Up Voice.ai

Voice.ai is a voice changer that is free to use for any PC application, including games and communication software. Getting started with Voice.ai is simple.

Download the Voice AI Installer

Start the installer, accept TOS and give the necessary admin permissions to install the driver.

Open VoiceAI.exe

Register a free account or login with your Voice Universe account.

Now you can start using Voice AI.


An Abundance of Voice Filters

With 119 user-generated voice characters and counting, Voice.ai lets you find fun and creative ways to express yourself in any conversation. Ever wonder what your favorite famous person would do in your shoes? Channel your inner celebrity and see what it’s like to be them through the power of voice.

There are many ways you can use our real-time PC voice changer. Make gaming more fun by trolling your friends with the scariest, funniest, and most obnoxious voice you can find. Or have a sing-off with friends by seeing who can sing better! We’ve got plenty of rappers, pop-sensations, and entertainers to choose from. Are you a movie addict? We’ve got movie actors and superheroes galore, so take your pick and re-enact your favorite scene. Presidents have some of the best voices ever. Steal their voice and use it to empower your gamer friends to new heights.

Mix and match our voices with your PC applications. Simply choose the application of your choice and select a voice character. Invite your friends to try it so that they can join the voice party.

The #1 PC Voice Changer in the Market

There’s no better voice changer in the market than Voice.ai. Most voice changers only distort your voice by changing the speed or pitch. We aren’t a cheap voice trick. Voice.ai uses deep learning technology to analyze, modulate, and correct your voice instantly to sound like the desired A-List celebrity. Your friends will be stunned by what they hear. Just speak to the mic and listen to your voice transform.

Whether you’re a creator or consumer, Voice.ai is perfect for your needs. Creators won’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive studio software and equipment. We offer plenty of features to enhance the voice-changing experience.

Speak in any language, and our voice characters can repeat it back in your particular language. Or type in your message and let the A-List celebrity speak it out loud for you. Access Voice.ai from a single source and seamlessly integrate it into any PC application.

Liven up your online conversations, whether it’s in gameplay, chatrooms, or video calls. Download Voice.ai today and start a voice impersonation party!


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