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Voice Changer for Mac

Create memorable moments in everyday conversation with Voice.ai

Mac users love the Apple ecosystem, which is why finding the right voice changer for Mac can be darn-near impossible. Voice.ai is the go-to voice changer for Mac applications. Our software transforms your voice into one of our hundreds of voice characters. Speak into your computer’s mic and hear your new voice in real-time. Whether you’re a content creator, gamer, streamer, or just casual user, Voice.ai is a fun way to make communicating with your buddies or fans more exciting.

Voice.ai is compatible with many of your favorite Mac Os applications. This includes iMessage, Facetime, Telegram, Slack, Whatsapp, YakYak, Zoom, and more. Additionally, our real-time voice changer for Mac is compatible with just about any game and streaming app like CS:GO, League of Legends, Discord, Minecraft, Among Us, and Twitch.


How to Set Up and Use Voice.ai

Getting started with Voice.ai for your PC is easy.

Download the Voice Ai extension to your browser.

Open any Mac application. Whether it’s communication apps or games, any app works!

Browse through our library and choose a voice character that piques your interest.

Hit the record button, and hear your voice change in real-time.

Now start using Voice Ai.


What Apps Can You Use
Voice.ai with Mac OS

Chat Apps:

Send epic voice messages and give your friend’s the best parody of your favorite characters.

Video Chat Apps:

Create laugh-out-loud moments by using voice characters or even imitating your friend’s voice.

Video Streaming Apps:

Impress and grow your audience with crazy voices. They’ll never see it coming!

Meeting & Call Apps:

Whether it’s a zoom meeting or a casual call with friends, get a few laughs with our voice transformation feature.


Bring excitement to your gameplay, changing your voice to your favorite superhero, villain, or A-list celebrity.

Plenty of Voice Changing Options

With over 119 existing voice characters and counting, Voice.ai provides endless possibilities to express yourself in any conversation. How would a former president handle this particular dispute between your friends? Try out the selection of politicians and see what they think!

Channel your inner rockstar with our list of A-list celebrities and entertainers. Sing to your favorite tunes in their voices and impress your friends with your newfound talents. Mix and match our voice characters with your Mac OS applications. Choose the application, select the voice character and start recording! Invite your friends to give it a shot, so they can join in on the voice party!

Voice Cloning for Mac OS

Ever wonder what it would be like to imitate your friend’s voice? Our Mac OS voice changer can parodize anybody’s voice! Just upload clear audio, and the voice will clone and be made public in the Voice Universe. Create a library of friends, family, and acquaintance voices to have them in your arsenal. Then deploy these voices anytime you’re in a chat, call, video call, or even during gameplay. Sit back and watch your friend’s reaction.

Ready to elevate your communication and gaming experience? Download Voice.ai for free today!


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