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Immerse yourself deeper into the heart-pounding world of Escape From Tarkov with our free real-time voice changer. Whether you enable VoIP or use popular communication apps like Discord, integrates itself seamlessly. Elevate your Tarkov experience by adding an extra layer of excitement to your interactions. Easy to use and completely free, our app enhances teamwork, strategy, and immersion in every firefight. Join the battle today and revolutionize your gaming experience with!

Is Escape From Tarkov Free?

Escape From Tarkov, developed by Battlestate Games, is a paid, intense multiplayer first-person shooter game available exclusively for PC. Set in the fictional city of Tarkov, players find themselves in a war-torn environment where survival is the ultimate goal. In this hardcore and realistic shooter, players engage in tactical combat against other players and AI-controlled enemies, scavenging for resources and loot while attempting to escape the city alive.

Since Escape From Tarkov is a PC game, integrating’s PC voice changer is seamless and ideal, providing an extra layer of immersion and strategy for players navigating the dangers of Tarkov.

Get Started With Our Free Software

Step 1: Download our free voice changer app on your PC. Click the ‘Download now’ icon on this page or visit our main webpage.

Step 2: When the installation is finished, open the app to discover a wide selection of user-generated voices, including those of iconic scary, or commanding characters. Train the AI voice to achieve optimal voice modulation.

Step 3: Set Audio Cable (microphone array) as your default microphone within the audio settings of the game or any communication app you choose to use. Ensure that your selected microphone is configured both in your System Settings and our application.

Step 4: You’re all set! Use our diverse range of voices while playing games like Escape from Tarkov. With just a few clicks, you can add a humorous or intense twist to your gaming sessions and leave a lasting impression!

Is Escape From Tarkov PC only?

Yes, Escape From Tarkov is exclusively available for PC. This means that friends playing together on PC have the advantage of experiencing the game’s immersive world firsthand. With the ability to utilize default communication systems or third-party apps, PC players can strategize and coordinate effectively, gaining an edge in the intense battles of Tarkov.

How Do You Change the Voice Lines in Tarkov?

In Escape from Tarkov, changing voice lines allows for interactions and reactions within the game. These voice lines serve various purposes, such as instructing someone to cease fire, requesting healing, and more.

By opening the communications menu, players can access a range of responses and gestures tailored to different situations, enabling them to talk, hear others, and sign during intense gameplay moments. Additionally, assigning function keys for quick access facilitates easy communication during the game.

How to Enable VoIP?

To enable VoIP in the game, simply navigate to the sound settings within the game menu. Locate the VoIP feature and toggle it on. Then, choose between’s microphone array or your regular microphone as the input source.

This allows you to engage in voice chat during gameplay. With this feature enabled, you can communicate with your teammates, issue commands or a message, coordinate strategies, and even enjoy in-game music or sound effects. Ensuring that your microphone or headset is properly configured is key to ensure clear communication with your allies and to be aware of nearby enemies.

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