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Voice Changer
by for CS:GO

Transform your voice into someone else's while
Playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The voices of navy seals and soldiers sound great and all, but what if you could imitate absolutely anyone, a celebrity, politician, anime character or the main character from your favorite video game? Thanks to, you can do just that!

Voice AI is the is the best voice-changing software that allows you to immediately change your voice to sound like someone completely different. Simply speak into your mic, and the app will automatically change your voice.

Inside the Voice Universe, you can browse our extensive list of voices and experiment with them all. From well-known people to fictional creatures. Surprise or troll your friends with the help of our software and rest assured your buddies won’t know who they’re talking to!

Try our free CS:GO voice changer and start having fun with your friends!


Let Voice AI go hand in hand with CS:GO

If you’ve tried other voice effects or soundboards, then you've realized that there’s nothing in the market like Most software only changes the speed or pitch of your voice or adds horrendous echo effects. With our app, you can speak directly into the mic, and get results that will allow you to hear yourself with your desired voice. also lets you save your audio recordings, which you can then easily send to your friends or post on social networks. Let your imagination flow and create fun recordings to savor the memories you’ve made while playing CS: GO.


Troll your friends with the voice of someone that's in the public eye!

If you’re roleplaying as an elite sniper or marine commander, why not spice it up with voice effects? Our real-time voice changer for CS:GO lets you apply fun voice effects to any situation.

With a large selection of voices, you’ll be able to imitate nearly any kind of person you want. These voices are so unique that your friends will recognize them in an instant! Using our voice changer with CS:GO, will allow you to sound like a famous politician, a scary monster, a superhero, an alien, a singer, a cartoon character, and everything in between. These voices are so unique that your buddies will recognize them in an instant! Using this voice changer for CS:GO, you can sound like a famous politician, scary monster, superhero, alien, singer, cartoon character, and everything in between.

But Voice AI is practical in a team-game setting as well. Win your friends over with an awe-inspiring political pep talk or tease them with your goofy cartoon voice. Use the voice changer as you compete in Casual, Deathmatch, Wingman, Arms Race, Flying Scotsman, and Demolition modes. With our app, you can deliver the winning victory speech or troll your opponents as you strike them down one by one.

How to Change CS:GO Microphone

youtube video tutorial

Voice Changer for CS:GO
Danger Zone Battle Royale

Mock others on the battlefield in P2P combat using our voice changer. Battle Royale is a fast-paced match with up to 18 players where players fight to the finish. Catch everyone off-guard with our software's funny and entertaining voices.

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