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Splatoon has been a fan favorite since 2015, with three series released already. Achieve a new level of excitement while playing this game by using your favorite voice chat communication app alongside our real-time voice-changing app on your console. Enhance communication and fun with this exciting combination!

What Is Splatoon?

Splatoon is a unique multiplayer shooter developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. Inside this world, gamers play as characters called Inklings, who can transform between humanoid and squid forms. The main objective is to cover the playing area with colorful ink using various weapons and abilities. Splatoon offers different game modes, providing a variety of challenges and strategies.

Elevate your Splatoon adventure by using our Splatoon PC Voice Changer. Our software allows you to modify your voice in real-time, adding a fun and creative element to your Splatoon gaming sessions or with other games. It’s easy to use and completely free to start. Pair it with a voice chatting app like Discord to communicate with friends during intense matches on your Nintendo Switch. Bring a new level of excitement and interaction with our versatile Splatoon voice changer.

Most Popular Characters

Among the most beloved characters in Splatoon are the Inklings and Octolings, the primary inhabitants of the game’s world. Inklings are squid-like beings capable of transforming into humanoid forms, while Octolings are similar creatures with their own unique traits and backstories.

  • Agent 3: Agent 3 is a skilled Inkling agent who plays a central role in the single-player campaign, Hero Mode, and a character in the multiplayer mode of Splatoon. Players love Agent 3 for their determination and prowess in battles against enemy Octarians.
  • Pearl: Pearl is a spunky and energetic Inkling idol known for her unique style and attitude. She’s part of the popular duo Off the Hook and often provides lively commentary during multiplayer battles.

  • Marina: Marina is an Octoling DJ and the other half of Off the Hook. Known for her calm demeanor and impressive tech skills, Marina is adored by players for her role in the game’s music and lore.

  • Callie: Callie is one of the Squid Sisters, a famous singing duo within the Splatoon universe. She’s cheerful and optimistic, making her a beloved character among fans.

  • Marie: Marie is the other half of the Squid Sisters and is known for her more reserved and witty personality. Players appreciate her dry humor and sharp wit during in-game events.

These characters, alongside the dynamic world of Splatoon, have captivated players and contributed to the game’s lasting appeal. Their camaraderie and resilience help players navigate challenges and avoid unnecessary conflicts, adding depth to the game’s narrative and enhancing the overall gaming experience.

How to Use Voice Changer in Splatoon

  • Step 1: Visit our main page or stay here, and download our Splatoon voice changer software by clicking the ‘Download Now’ button. Install the software file on your computer.


  • Step 2: Open to explore a variety of unique user-generated voices. Choose the voice that best fits your preferences for communicating during Splatoon gameplay.


  • Step 3: Configure your microphone settings within our PC app and on your computer to ensure compatibility with voice chat apps like Discord or Steam. This setup will enable you to communicate seamlessly while playing on your Nintendo Switch.


  • Step 4: Once everything is set up, start speaking with your modified voice. Let our Splatoon inkling voice changer enhance your Splatoon experience with its innovative technology, offering more than just your typical sound effects.


Now, surprise your friends by clicking with software that offers more than sound effects, but an actual altered voice during your Splatoon gaming sessions. Our Splatoon voice changer live app allows you to transform your voice for more engaging and entertaining gameplay interactions.

The Best App to Use With Splatoon’s voice changer stands out as the top choice for enhancing your Splatoon experience. Our software is widely regarded as the best in the market for voice modification, offering unparalleled features and quality.

With Voice Universe, our extensive library of user-generated voices, you have access to thousands of AI voices to find the perfect one for your gameplay. Our app is beloved by our community for its versatility and ease of use, providing high-quality results that meet the expectations of even the most selective users.

Not only does our Splatoon 3 change voice software work in real-time during gameplay, but you can also record and upload pre-recorded files, ensuring consistent, high-quality voice modifications. If you’re looking for a reliable and effective voice changer for Splatoon, choose our software for tested and proven results. Oh, and it’s free! What better reason to get started? Download now.


Can you voice chat in Splatoon 3?

Yes, you can voice chat in Splatoon 3 using SplatNet3, aka the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app. However, many players agree that this method can be hard and not the easiest way to communicate and play with others effectively.

If you’re looking to alter your voice while communicating during Splatoon 3 gameplay, you’ll need to use other communication apps on your PC, such as Discord or similar platforms, in parallel with This setup allows for a more seamless and enjoyable experience, avoiding the long and challenging process of trying to talk solely through the Nintendo Switch Online app.

Can I use this app with every game series?

While the first game in the series was for Wii U, subsequent games were released for Nintendo Switch, offering exciting new pretty cool features like in-game festivals in the spring and improved visuals.

No matter where you play, as long as you have access to your PC and a voice communication app, you can use’s voice changer with any game series.

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