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Recording and streaming your content on any platform is about to become much better thanks to Our voice changer will allow you to have a more enjoyable experience when you start sharing your content online.

Our voice modulator will guarantee you end up with a more authentic voice effect and, the best part of it all is that it’s completely free!

Yes, we are not joking around, no hidden fees with us.

Are you ready to get better custom voices perfect for live streams, obtain cool modified audio files that can be added to other things, and have an overall unforgettable experience?

What Is Our Software? is software that allows you to change your voice into anything that you want. We are talking about more than regular background effects, animal voices, or just something that modifies the pitch of your voice.

Our super cool app offers you a very unique feature! A voice changer that can transform your current audio files or a live conversation into something completely different by choosing to use any of our user-generated voices.

Inside our huge library of real-time voice-changing voice effects, you’ll be able to morph your voice easily and switch it to someone else’s. Your streaming experience and overall communication are about to change thanks to our voice changer inside

Our software allows you to start talking like a famous politician or someone you have followed through social media over the years.

Your favorite cartoon, the singer that made you memorize many lyrics when you were a teen, or your celebrity crush, whoever you wish for, grants it with its voice changer feature. Our voice changer software is the best in the market and no other apps can compare to us.

So, are you ready to get a new voice? Change your own voice in real time now and let be your new favorite free software.

Streaming With Our Voice Changer = A Memorable Experience

If you are a fan of doing live streams for an audience, then allowing it to go hand in hand with is something that will make your time online much more fun.

Whether you like to stream your content on Twitch, Youtube Live, Facebook Messenger, Reddit Talk, Tik Tok Live, etc, doing so with the help of one of the best voice changers if not the very best one will make what you do online stand out from other creators.

Our software offers you Live Mode, a real-time feature where you can select the voice you desire, which then you can use to record directly on any platform where you can do live streams, and while doing so, perhaps sound like a famous soccer player or a comedian.

Aren’t you curious to hear what your voice or old recordings would sound like with the user-generated voice of an A-List celebrity or perhaps your favorite anime character?

Picture yourself sounding like a famous tv presenter or perhaps the tennis player you have always admired.

Or maybe you have a video that you wish you could add more to, to make it stand out. You can make that happen and completely change your voice with the help of your microphone and our ready-to-use easy voice changer.

Whatever it is, just use your voice and make your time on the internet a special one with

What is inside

Make a Statement in the World With Our Real-time Free Voice Changer Software

Your vocal identity is important when you want to make a remark about any type of streaming-related project.

Using a voice that is not yours on platforms like Twitch, will make your listeners more interested in what you want to say.

Apply voice effects using and surprise others when you sound like a pop singer or President Joe Biden.

Create a fun and inviting space for your virtual audience and allow the multiple voices found inside our huge library to create an impact on anyone that’s listening and witness how our voice-changing effects modify your voice.

Comments and emoji reactions will appear instantly when you answer an AMA live talk with a parody impression of a reality tv star inside Twitch or any other platform you use.

Running Twitch nor your stream deck or any other software used to stream won’t create issues on a system level, so worry not about having inconveniences with our Twitch voice changer. has no restrictions on languages, which means that no matter where you are, your voice can adapt to our voice filters.

Imagine narrating something in your native language and making it better by sounding like someone from a different continent!

Our key features will make sure that your voice becomes something out of this world. And the more voices you test out the better the AI experience will be for you.

Create funny audio samples by using our voice changer, which you can do by uploading a pre-recorded audio file inside our user-friendly app.

Once you’re happy with your results you can download, save and edit audio files on other software to add different things to them. Add custom sound effects like background noises or sounds that you mix and create by yourself.

Say Goodbye to Boring Sound Effects doesn’t compare at all to other voice changers. doesn’t come with just an integrated soundboard or something that makes you struggle when using its sound settings or even something with just voice effects. is everything! Our software is the complete package and, the best part is that you and all of our users don’t need a pro version of our software or pay in order to get all of our key features.

VoIP programs work perfectly when voice changing while on a phone call. Or even when doing voice overs for a video will end up sounding good when using your voice in real-time with our voice changer.

Stream Better Content With Our Voice Changer

Online games, comedy or beauty content, cooking, and traveling. Whatever it is that makes you want to do live streams, using our voice changer will allow you to become the most talked about streamer.

Whether you’re a vlogger, a musician in the making, a podcaster, or work on anything that involves sound, then our voice changer will take your vision to the next level. wants to be more than something that you just found on the internet. wants you to allow it to be part of the process you follow to create content for your live streams.

Download now our free version of if you haven’t yet and start voice-changing now!

Did you know is also compatible with other meeting Apps and PC Games like:

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