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Real-Time AI Voice Changer

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Access Unlimited Voices on Voice Universe

Voice AI Voice Changer is not just a Voice Changer, but also a voice clone tool.

By uploading clear audio, Voice AI Voice Changer can clone anybody's voice (feature currently in Alpha). These voices are made public for Free for everybody in the Voice Universe tab.

Custom Voice Integration
Right in Your App

In the past 15 years we developed our proprietary voice changing technology, with over 14 million hours of voice data to deliver the perfect voice for your character. SDK revolutionizes traditional in-game voice chat and RPG experience. Now gamers can truly immerse in the virtual world with the voice of their favorite characters.


Ultra Realistic Voice Changer

Aimed towards Content Creators and Gamers

Content creators can use it for anything from, creating voice overs to creating your own show and inviting stars - with just a click of a button you can have any guest appear in your own show.

Voice AI Voice Changer Cartoon Parody

Just like cartoons can parodize celebrities, Voice AI Voice Changer can parodize anybody's voice. All the voices used in Voice AI Voice Changer are uploaded by users through the voice cloning tool and made public in the Voice Universe tab.

Voice Cloning

This is what makes Voice AI Voice Changer the most unique and powerful voice changer currently on the market. With this feature you can clone including your own. (Feature currently in Alpha)

Use your recordings as soundboards

Make your own soundboard with Voice AI Voice Changer voices, combine them with uploaded custom audio and you will be the king of every in-game chatroom. (coming soon)


Who should use Voice AI Voice Changer?


Voice AI Voice Changer can add unlimited fun to your streams. You don’t believe me? Ask him!


Don’t you want to sound like your favorite in-game character? Now you can!

Meetings & Calls

Wouldn't it be fun if a popular character or celebrity joined your meeting? Think about it.. Any character in a Zoom call?

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Voice Cloning

(in Alpha, coming soon)


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