Free Fart Soundboard

We can't help but laugh when we hear fart sounds, and now you can make or add fart noises with our soundboard app and surprise others online.
fart soundboard

Everyone enjoys a good laugh and nothing beats a well-timed fart sound to start the party. With our free Fart Soundboard, you may curate your own collection of humorous fart noises and it is really simple to use. With our software, you may upload whatever fart noises you want, modify your soundboard as you see fit, and then start having fun in any setting.

Whether you want to add some amusement to your gaming sessions, joke with your friends on a video call, or simply have fun, our soundboard has everything you need to create the most entertaining moments. Prepare to be creative with fart sounds and watch the laughter spread!

Loud or Soft Fart Sounds, It Doesn't Matter, You Decide!

The sound a fart produces can be either funny or horrifying, but it’s certainly one that will catch someone’s attention. Now, it’s your turn to grab that attention without the need to actually fart, thanks to the best soundboard fart noises app!

Creating the perfect soundboard means having a variety of fart sounds at your disposal. Whether you prefer a loud and long fart sound or a short and fast one, or if you want to take a different direction with a repetitive fart sound effect guaranteed to make anyone laugh, the possibilities are endless.

The way your soundboard is depends entirely on your imagination. You can upload pre-recorded fart sounds or utilize our PC voice-changing app to create your ideal fart sound. Personalize your fart sounds soundboard any way you want, whenever you want.

How to Use Our Fart Noises Soundboard?

  1. Get Started: Download our free soundboard fart app by clicking the download button on this page or visiting our main website.

  2. Set Up: Install the app after downloading and sign up to access all its features.

  3. Start Personalizing: Navigate to the menu and select the soundboard option within the app to begin customizing your collection of farts and funny noise sounds.

  4. Personalize: Add your fart sound clips by selecting “Add Sound” and uploading your chosen audio file. Once done, click “Save” to finalize.

  5. Customize: Continue tweaking until you’re satisfied with your personalized collection of farting sounds.

After you’ve finished the steps, the fun begins! Whether you prefer long, soft fart sounds or short, booming ones that last only a few seconds, you can start personalizing your collection of fart sounds exactly as you wish. Set the tone with a variety of fart noises, including an iconic wet fart sound, and let the jokes begin!

fart soundboard

Use The Ultimate Fart Soundboard Anywhere

The best part of our app is its accessibility, the fact that you can be on a video call, playing with your friends, live streaming to an audience, doing a podcast, or presenting something and have easy access to gas-like sounds, aka fart sounds whenever you want!

The greatest feature of our soundboard fart app lies in its accessibility. Whether you’re on a video call, gaming with friends, live streaming to an audience, recording a podcast, or giving a presentation, you have easy access to gas-like sounds—fart sounds—whenever you need them!

There is no need to worry about an error or think you will have compatibility issues. Our fart soundboard app works seamlessly with popular games and communication apps, so you are guaranteed to always be able to use your very own soundboard fart machine anytime.

Start to talk on Zoom or Discord and play a fart sound to grab everyone’s attention. Use this fart soundboard app during an intense Valorant gaming session to lighten the mood. Go on Twitch, show off your fart noises soundboard to your followers, and tell them to review them. You can even add a twist to music creation by combining instrument sounds, like a trumpet, with a fart sound effect. Ready to make this fart machine soundboard your favorite?

Is This a Fart Soundboard Online Software?

No, our fart soundboard feature doesn’t work online, but you can use it when you download our app. With the app, you can enjoy creating your own fart noises soundboard and customize your soundboard fart collection anytime!

Do I have to Pay to Use This Fart Noise Soundboard?

No, you don’t have to pay to use our fart noise soundboard. Our app is free to download, and not only is our farting soundboard feature free but our real-time voice changer is also included at no cost. Enjoy the best fart soundboard without worrying about ads or having to pay. Whether you’re making a fart soundboard scratch or just having fun, it’s all free!

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