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Voice Changer for Telegram

Turn Everyday Communication Into a Party With Voice.Ai. Instantly transform your voice into any voice character!

Are you avid Telegram users who love to chat with friends, communicate with like-minded people, or keep up to date with family members? Telegram lets you customize stickers, but with Voice.Ai, you can customize your voice too.

Transform your voice into fun, life-like characters such as former presidents, A-list celebrities, musicians, entertainers, reality TV stars, ghosts, robots, cartoon characters, heroes, villains, and more. Voice.Ai is a real-time voice changer for Telegram that lets you transform your voice into your selected character.

Just speak into the mic, and our speech-to-speech engine will transform your voice instantly. Whether you want to send audio messages, voice calls, or video calls, Voice.Ai connects directly to your device’s microphone. Download the app, and start changing your voice today!


How to Change Telegram Default Microphone

An Abundance of Voice Characters

Have you ever searched online for a Telegram voice changer? Voice.Ai has over 150 voice characters so that you can sound like just about anyone.

Add excitement to your characters by changing your voice. Send funny audio messages or go through an entire video call sounding like a completely different person. Is your close friend going through a rough time? Give them a little pep talk from one of our former presidents. Or how about re-enacting some of your favorite movie lines using one of our movie star voices?

Maybe you know someone who has a favorite movie, celebrity, or cartoon character. If so, there’s a good chance you can find their voices in our Voice Universe library! With Voice.Ai, you’re deepening relationships with the people you love and creating extraordinary moments with them.

Clone Anyone’s Voice

Wouldn’t it be crazy if you sounded just like a friend or family member? Voice.Ai allows you to clone anyone’s voice.

Upload clear audio of any person’s voice. Then you can parodize the voice and save it in the Voice Universe. With the combination of voice cloning and voice characters, you’ll be the king of every chatroom.

Create Unforgettable Moments on Telegram

There’s nothing like Voice.Ai on the market. Unlike other apps, there’s no cheap gimmick. We don’t just autotune your voice or change the pitch. With our deep learning technology, we can transmute your voice into a whole new character. It sounds genuine and natural. Don’t be surprised if your friends are dumbfounded by how you sound.

What are you waiting for? Become a voice chameleon and try out Voice.Ai today. You’re only limited to your imagination.


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